Work-Life Balance  Sweater
Work-Life Balance  Sweater

Work-Life Balance Sweater

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🧶45% Cotton, 55% Acrylic
🧣 Soft and warm sweater
🎄Great for your holiday season
🎉Perfect for your holiday party!

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UGS Size Chart

Christmas is all about miracles so why not try to make yours happen this season: work-life balance. This not-so-subtle piece gets the point across in a festive way, a total game-changer if you ask us!

If you’ve ever lived through (or are living through) that existential crisis where you question your purpose and how you spend your time, we’re certain the thought has crossed your mind to create work-life balance. Imagine if you had it, what would you do? Take up painting? Learn a new language? Oh, the possibilities are limitless. That’s what this sweater represents – possibilities. Let this witty, ugly sweater do the talking at your office party this year and you may just end up with a miracle!

This piece is iconic because it just marries office life and the festive spirit so well, not even your boss will be able to ignore it:
-Black and white options depicting the monotonous dread that comes with each day
-Red accents and snowflakes to soften the blow with the festive feel
-Computer screens on fire capturing your rage and other emotions you probably need more than a sweater to process

Admit it or not – we’ve all thought it, but has anyone ever said it? This sweater is sure to raise your popularity with the coworkers who also just lacked the courage to say something. Not sure how the boss will take it, but hey, at least you tried right?

Customer Reviews

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Very good material - coozy and warm - and we searched from a lot of online shops. We were happy with our choices, since it was our 1st Ugly Sweater party here in Canada. I only wish there were more options to choose from. :)


This sweater is my everyday equilibrium essential. The quality is evident in its durability, and the design encapsulates the importance of balancing work and life seamlessly.


Embracing the Work-Life Balance Sweater is like adopting a comfort philosophy.