Warranty is implied in the limited capacity of products bought directly from our website only.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada reserves the right to investigate the condition of an item shipped for warranty to be considered, on a case-by-case basis. Warranty specifically and exclusively only covers for defects in material or workmanship in new Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada products.

Warranty covers a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. For information on our Return Policy during this time, please refer to the relevant section on our website.

Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Defects occurring from incorrect or commercial usage, including but not limited to accidents, abuse, neglect, heat and humidity
  • Defects occurring from modified or misuse, contrary to the intended use of the product
  • Damage caused by use other equipment with the product
  • Consequential damage to product or packaging, as incurred by third-party involvement

Any claims made after the 90-day mark from the date of purchase will not be entertained. Defected products must be returned with their original packaging and shipped back to us using the prepaid shipping label provided by us.

For warranty coverage to be activated, Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada reserves the right to verify the purchase and claim and may request additional information from the customer. The claim must comply with all warranty terms stated on this page and proper return process be followed for the claim to be considered; in the event of failure to do so, Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada is not liable to provide any warranty coverage.

Please note that warranty does not cover Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada products purchased through other distributors/retailers/third parties. No liability will rest with Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada for products purchased through channels other than this website. Complaints or claims arising from third-party channels may only be directed to said third party.


1) What is the warranty for your products?

We are committed to using the best quality fabrics to craft our sweaters. A 3-month warranty is offered to further satisfy your purchase decision. Please refer to the section on Warranty Policy for more information.

2) What is not covered in the warranty policy?

The warranty only exclusively covers product damages as a result of manufacturing defects in new items. Incorrect usage, misuse, mishandling, regular wear and tear, damage to accessories over time, or modifications to the product resulting in damage, are not covered and Ugly Christmas Sweaters Canada is not liable to offer any warranty coverage of returns/refunds in these cases.

3) Is warranty transferable?

Warranty is not transferable and may only be claimed by the original buyer of the product.

4) Does the warranty cover replacement products?

Please note that the warranty applies only to the original product and is not extended for replacement products.

5) How can I provide evidence of manufacturing defects on my new purchase?

In such an event, please send an immediate email to support@uglychristmassweaters.ca with an elaborate description and photos of the defective product as evidence of damage. Your detail will help us understand the situation better to assist you.

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