Family Bundle - Santa & Reinder Sweater

Family Bundle - Santa & Reinder Sweater

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Men's size:S
Women's Size:S
Kid's Size:7-8 years

🧶45% Cotton, 55% Acrylic
🧣 Soft and warm sweater
🎄Great for your holiday season
🎉Perfect for your holiday party!

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If there was a photo to portray “a day in the life of Santa Claus”, it would be this one. Capturing the joyful process of embarking on a snowy mission with gifts and accompanied by her trusty ride, this sweater is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this Christmas. It’s gorgeous and stylish, even for an ugly sweater.

This sweater is fantastic and can be worn in so many ways depending on where you wear it; you can dress it up with a dress and accessories or dress it up and keep it with jeans! The unisex design means it’s a great option for you or your partner – or hey, both of you, if you’re into twinning! The more we are, the better!

    Customer Reviews

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    Having both Santa and reindeer designs in one bundle is genius! It's like getting two holiday sweaters in one package. Our family loves the variety.

    Comfortable for All Ages

    From the youngest to the oldest, everyone in the family finds these sweaters comfortable to wear. They're perfect for cozying up by the fireplace or heading out for festive activities.


    The attention to detail in both the Santa and reindeer designs is impressive. The little touches, like Santa's hat and the reindeer's antlers, make these sweaters stand out.


    We've had some adorable family photo sessions in these sweaters. They make for great memories and capture the spirit of the season.

    Hudson st

    These sweaters are versatile – we've worn them for holiday gatherings, Christmas tree shopping, and even for a cozy movie night at home. They're perfect for any occasion.