Hilarious naughty christmas sweaters you must own

Hilarious naughty christmas sweaters you must own

Christmas is the time to let others know about the inner you. So this time deck the halls with your wicked sense of humor. What’s the better way to show your fun side than the hilarious and naughty Christmas sweaters? Don’t worry about the Christmas gift. You will be getting it anyway. But first, it is the time to be naughty. Here are some amazingly naughty Christmas sweaters ranked in no particular order.


Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Sweater

If you love the Christmas decorations and spending time decorating a Christmas tree, then this one is for you. A very simple sweater with a very simple yet direct message. Nothing says funny more than a little double entendre. Plus, in case you are a little too prude, the sweater shows an arrow pointing to what exactly needs to be done. This sweater is perfect for boys who want to play the game with silent mode on. A typical Christmas color combination of red and green with a very clichéd pick-up line of all the times. Go for it, it won’t disappoint.


Santa Gone Wrong Sweater

This sweater comes with a bitter and sweet symphony. On the front, you see Santa and a snowman, both happy and wishing you merrily. It makes you excited about Christmas. But there’s is also a back story. On its back you see your beloved snowman drowned in the puddle of ‘warm apple juice’ looking frightened. Now you are face to face with Santa’s butt crack. Poor snowman! What he has to endure on a holy Christmas day. This sweater is about ruining happy moments. It makes you laugh with a frowny face. Because it makes you question your choices for liking it.


Frosty the Blowman Sweater

Do holiday seasons make you feel high with happiness? This is the right kind of sweater for you. Frosty the blowing snowman takes your Christmas spirit so high even clouds are lying low. What makes this sweater unique is that it comes in no flashy colors. On the contrary, the blowman sweater has a perfectly soothing color combination but a slightly agitating centerpiece. The blowman, oops snowman, is blowing all his cares away. His dilated red eyes need no other explanation. One thing for sure, this sweater will make you the center of attraction at parties.


Santa Has Been Naughty Sweater

The ugly Christmas sweater that made it to the top is weird, dark, and risky. Judging from the title, the sweater exactly shows that: Santa being naughty. This Christmas, roles are reversed because Santa is a bad boy and he is being punished. As if the name was not enough, the sweater has an explicitly elaborate design that leaves nothing to the imagination. The smug expression of Santa is just priceless. Way to ruin the childhood Christmas memories! This is what this sweater is about: leaving naivety behind and crossing over to a little dark yet fun world of grown-ups. On the plus side, this is the perfect Christmas wear that will make the talk of the town.