Evolution of the ugly christmas sweater

Evolution of the ugly christmas sweater

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If you thought that Ugly Christmas Sweaters were never cool, you have some big news coming your way. They have been a sensation since the fifties. Yes, you hear that correct, ugly Christmas sweaters have been an iconic part of wardrobes for more than fifty years. If you were thinking that purchasing one will just be a fad, my friend you are actually joining a very under-highlighted fashion. Let’s take a look at the interesting trajectory of the ugly Christmas sweaters.

The beginning of the trend

With the increased commodification of Christmas in the 1950s, ugly Christmas sweaters became fashionable. They were originally called as "Jingle Bell Sweaters," and they included subtle Christmas decorations. The original ugly Christmas sweaters were never meant to be "ugly," but rather
beautiful and cheerful. The style had minor media exposure until the 1980s, after which it became popular on television. If you remember Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show, one of his most significant contributions is helping popularize unusual sweaters with bizarre designs. By the end of the decade, it was typical for Christmas special show directors to don them.

The 2000’s

The style waned in the 1990s, yet it never vanished. One of the most iconic movies of the year 2001 that we have all watched, is the Bridget Jone's Diary. But do you remember something very characteristic about Mark Darcy’s wardrobe? Let us refresh your memory. There was a scene in which he was humiliated when he wore one of the most out-of-place designs ever seen on screen.
That was a big turning point in the popularity of Ugly Chritsmas Sweaters. After that, artists started knitting quirky one-of-a-kind sweaters by hand! Then in the 2000’s Vancouver hosted a first-of-its-kind Christmas Sweater Party. The concept quickly expanded throughout Canada and the United States, and then around the world. The celebrations grew into large affairs, frequently in favor of
charitable organizations. So you can take some inspiration from being a part of a popular fashion cult movement!

The trend today

Numerous fashion designers launched ugly Christmas sweater lines early in the decade. Soon after, retail retailers caught on to the idea, and you can now buy them in-store or online instead of rummaging through thrift stores and looking for them through your grandparent’s closet.
Celebrities, TV personalities, and even politicians joined in this bandwagon, making it a familiar Christmas sight. Of course, social media has had a significant influence on gaslighting this trend. Young folks began purchasing old vintage sweaters and you could see friends competing to figure
who can nab the ugliest one. The trend of wearing Ugly Christmas sweaters is not just an American tradition, but a global sensation that people from all over have adopted! It is so popular in America that we have a designated Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Wear something festive to celebrate
National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on December 21! You must check our range of Ugly Christmas sweaters as we have one for every emotion and every occasion.